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In July 2016 PANGAEA INVESTMENT COMPANY – a legal representative of Pangaea Regional Centre – a resident of the US EB-5 immigration program in the Russian Federation, began operations. Denis Karasyov, the founder of the company, a leading expert on the EB-5 program in Russia, has been involved over the past six years in business immigration in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. As of today, the changes in the market conditions, as well as the foreign policy situation contributed to the fact that the activities of investors’ acquisition for the EB-5 program have been moved to Russia.

"Russia, being geographically the largest country in the world, is undoubtedly of great interest as a platform for the development and promotion of EB-5 program. In the world there are a very limited number of markets for the development of this business and as I provide services under the EB-5 program, I keep getting requests from American colleagues to assist in the development of the “Russian direction”. Despite the increasing world’s informational globalization, Russia in some areas still remains a country which is closed for the rapid information flow about new features in the field of immigration. At the same time Russia is very “tasty”, but quite unknown and unclear market for US companies, with its own specifics and peculiarities of its national traditions,” Mr. Karasyov remarks, “The information on the EB-5 program in Russia is not systematized and is fragmented, despite the fact that the number of investors’ requests has been growing steadily in recent years. Almost no one regional center is represented on the Russian market; there is no adequate and professional legal support as well as basic levers of communication between the investor and the project itself. Drawing on my long-term experience in the EB-5 program, as well as having a professional team in this field, I have made a decision on creation of the united data center in Russia under the auspices of PANGAEA Investment Company for the representation of serious and successful Regional Centers, with the possibility of direct interaction between the Investor and the Project itself, where any Investor could see the benefits of a Regional Center / EB-5 Project, to obtain detailed information on the project and the program, to consult with the US leading lawyers on the EB-5 program, and to hear the opinion of experts in this field and the owners of the projects. This resource will contribute to the promotion of the EB-5 program in Russia and will surely become one of today’s best instruments for fast and direct acquisition of investors without resorting to services of very expensive and sometimes dishonest intermediary agencies."

It should be noted that any Russian citizen may apply to PANGAEA Investment Company and get free personalized expert advice as well as discuss the issues and perspectives of possible participation in the EB-5 program.



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