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EB-5 is an official governmental program that allows to obtain a green card through the capital investments of $500.000 into real estate projects

US citizenship for investments under the state program EB-5

On May 31, in Moscow a seminarOn May 31, in Moscow a seminar was held on the topic of "EB5 - US State Program for Receiving GREEN CARD for Investments in Real Estate from $ 500,000" organized by Moscow Sotheby's International Realty International Real Estate Agency and "Pangaea" Investment Company.

Recently, the interest in EB5 program in Russia and CIS countries has increased significantly, along with emergence of significant restrictions on obtaining nonimmigrant visas in the United States. This topic is especially urgent among businessmen who travel frequently and who dream of moving to live in the USA, as EB5 program can be said to be the most direct route to obtaining a passport and US citizenship.

The US State Immigration Program - EB5 was adopted in 1990 by the Congress of the United States of America. The program provides an opportunity to obtain a residence permit – Green Card, and subsequently - US citizenship through investment in business projects approved by the US government.


  • The amount of Green Card investment fee is $ 500,000 for projects located in the regions with low employment (TEA) and $ 1 million for projects located in other regions of the USA.
  • Not only an investor joins Green Card application under EB-5 program (petition I-526), but also all the members of his family (husband, wife and all children under 21 who are not married).
  • Investor's funds can be used by the project only for the purposes of the program. Namely, 10 jobs for US citizens must be created for the investor's money.
  • The most effective way to participate in the program is to place funds through the Regional Centers.

Regional centers are management companies that have received accreditation from US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) for investments in projects approved for participation in EB-5 program. In other words, a Regional Center collects under the roof one or more business projects, whether it is construction, production or innovation. There are also other options when an existing business, accredited by US Citizenship and Immigration Service for participation in EB5 program opens its own regional center for attracting investments.

But larger centers have in their "arsenal" several projects at once. And LIVE IN AMERICA is one of such Regional Centers. There are more than a dozen successfully implemented EB5 projects with the total investment of more than 27 billion dollars on account of this center, 700 million of which are raised under EB5 program. Live In America works only with trusted developers and owners, such as: Macklowe Properties, Landsea Holdings Corporation, Lexington Realty Trust, Urban Atlantic Development, China Overseas America, Forest City and the District State Agency of Columbia Housing Authority.

EB5 direction of Live In America sub-brand wholly owned by The LCP Group, L.P (LCP), is led by Adam Green, whose service record includes the work at JPMorgan Chase, German bank West LB and Textron Financial.

Adam GreeneAdam Greene personally came to Moscow to greet all the participants of the seminar and tell them about the projects that Live In America presents within the framework of EB5 program. Therefore, the guests gladly took advantage of a unique chance to get information and answers to questions of interest, so to speak, from the first mouth.

Moreover, there are many questions regarding participation in EB5 program were also asked to the Director General of “Pangaea Investment Company”, representing Live In America Regional Center’s EB-5 projects in Russia and CIS countries. Denis Karasev, is a leading expert on EB5 program in Russia and CIS. His working experience includes many years of successful activity in this direction in cooperation with the largest companies and key market players.

At the seminar, he spoke in detail about all the nuances of participating in EB5 program and details of the process itself, beginning from selection of a reliable Regional Center and a law firm till collection and submission of the required documents, transfer of funds and subsequently receipt of the approved petition and, moving to the United States.

The number of reviews and responses received, both during the seminar and upon its completion, was very high.

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