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01/25/2017, Washington

Press service of the White House announced that US President Donald Trump signed a decree to tighten immigration policy measures, thereby confirming its intention to follow the pre-election promises. Under the effect of these decrees stand, on the first place, not only illegal immigrants, but also the organizers of illegal immigration.

In particular, under the immediate deportation from the United States are subjects of all foreigners, convicted of a violation of US law or accused of committing crimes. In addition, separate system of punishment for illegal immigrants and those who harbor them will be developed. It is not a secret that the main traffic of illegal migrants into the territory of the United States has traditionally come from Mexico. That is why the second decree concerning this matter, has announced the immediate start of construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.

Even at the stage of discussion of the initiative the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto said that his country will not participate in the financing of the construction works. After the signing of the decree he issued a sharp condemnation of President Trump’s position. The main reason for such a reaction of Mexico was the fact that the decree was signed at a time, when the talks on new rules of cooperation security and migration between Mexico and the United States began. Mexican leader repeated that his country is not going to finance the construction of the wall.

"As expected, the new US administration initiatives have not touched upon the work program the EB-5, dealing with the involvement of foreign capital in exchange for a Green Card. Foreign citizens, passing under this program are usually wealthy and prosperous people. The percentage of violations of US laws by our investors is very small. That is why the decrees signed by Donald Trump, do not contradict, but rather increase the US attraction for EB-5 investors from Russia and CIS countries. "- commented the situation the president of the investment company Pangaea, Denis Karasev.


PANGAEA INVESTMENT COMPANY is a legal representative of Pangaea Regional Center (USA) in Russia, operating in the Russian Federation for the benefit of Russian investors who want to obtain a green card through the EB-5 program.

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