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Green Card Lottery (Diversity Visa program)

Green Card Lottery - what is it? Program overview

Green Card Lottery (Green Card Lottery) - is an annual program developed at the request of the US Congress and implemented under the leadership of the US State Department. The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), section 203 (c) provides the certain categories of immigrants - the so-called natives of different countries ("Diversity immigrants").

The aim of the program: to attract the US representatives from countries with traditionally low level of immigration to the United States by providing them with permanent resident status (resident).

The number of visas: 50.000 a year. The visas are distributed among six geographic regions in such a way that no single country may receive more than 7% DV visas issued for any one year.

Visa Distribution Method: computer lottery.

Registration of participants

Sign up to participate in the program, you can manually or using our services. For the self-registration you will need to go to the official website (https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/) and to fill in the English language questionnaire-application electronic form (E-DV Entry Form or Form DS-5501). You are given 30 minutes to fill in questionnaire-application. Partially completed applications will not be accepted (!) If you incorrectly filled out a questionnaire, made a mistake when filling (including spelling), or photo provided by you does not meet the requirements, your application will be disqualified (!!!). You will only be able to take part in the draw again the next year.

You can’t apply for registration in the lottery on your behalf if the country of your birth is not included in the list of countries eligible to participate in the lottery (!!!). If your country of birth of (his) wife / spouse or any of your parents is included in the list of countries eligible to participate in the lottery, you will be able to take part in the draw. (Read further for more information.) A complete list of countries eligible to participate in the draw can be viewed on the official website of the program (https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/).

The cost of participation in the Green Card Lottery

Registration in the program is absolutely free. This means that the US government does not charge you any fees or consular fees for participation in the program. If you register as a participant of the lottery and do fill out the form on the official website of the program you do not pay anything.

Requirements for participants of the Green Card Lottery

If you do not meet these requirements, you should not apply for the DV program.

Photo Requirements

General requirements:

Composition requirements:

Technical requirements for photographs taken with a digital camera:

Technical requirements for scanned pictures

The period of submission of applications

Check the results of the lottery

The results of the lottery and the status of your application can be checked on the official website of the lottery. As a rule, the results of this drawing are available on the official website of the lottery for 60 days. Usually from the beginning of May until the end of September of the year following the year of the deployment of applications, on the official website (www.dvlottery.state.gov) under Entrant Status Check (Check the status of the application). Use your unique confirmation number and personal registration information to access it. Note - Section Entrant Status Check is the only reliable source of information about your winnings in the lottery Green Card.

IMPORTANT (!!!), US Department of State does not notify the participants about the results of the lottery draw. If you participate in the lottery yourself- you yourself follow the outcome of the lottery. If you participate in the program by means of our company we will check the status of your application for you. Please note that winning the lottery green card does not make you automatically the owner of the residence permission in the United States. To obtain this status, you need to meet all the requirements of US immigration law. You will need to indicate compliance with these requirements in the electronic form DS-260, and also personally confirm the consular officer at the interview. These issues may include criminal topics and safety issues.

In The Green Card lottery can participate any person born in any country included in the list of eligible countries. Participation in the drawing is absolutely free. You can self-register on the official site of the lottery, properly filling in the application form in English in the period of receiving such requests in the allotted time to complete the application (30 min.). Wrong filling of application, uncompleted filling of the application, mismatching of the photo requirements lead to the fact that your application will not be accepted. If you do not know English well enough and you are not confident that you can correctly fill in the application the allotted time- we will do it for you! To do this, you need to fill out a form on our website in your language. The time of application is not limited. Our experts will check the information you provide, will make all the necessary translations, will place your application on the official website of the lottery, and notify you of the winning and further actions. Our service fee is $ 100 at the rate of TSB RF on the date of payment.

The material has been prepared in accordance with official guidance to the Diversity Visa program 2018 program.


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