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New flash immigration passions in the USA


The fight against illegal migration is the forte that  brought in Donald Trump into the White House, therefore, during 17 months of his reign, he systematically implements the tasks set.

Just yesterday, the US President stated on Twitter that all illegal immigrants should be immediately sent back without judicial proceeding and legal processes: "We can not allow these people to seize our country. When someone arrives, we must immediately, without judges and court cases, send them back to the place they came from. Our system is a mockery of good immigration policy, law and order. Most children come without their parents ... ".

In the next post he wrote: "Our immigration policy is laughed all over the world, it is very unfair to all those people who have passed through the system legally and are waiting for the queue for years! Immigration should be based on merits - we need people to help making America great again! "

And this is against the backdrop of the scandal over "separated families", when children of detained illegal immigrants are sent to the community centers or to families for guardianship, and their parents are kept in other places. As a result of massive outrage of human rights defenders and the public 522 children of 2,500 children, have already been reunited with their parents. Now they are united in the special centers. Moreover, work is underway to reunite about 2,000 children with their parents detained while attempting to illegally enter the United States.


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