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On October 28-29, 2016 experts and partners of our company took part in the I International Emigration Expo MIEE-2016. The event was held at the InterContinental Hotel - Moscow Tverskaya. The activities at the exhibition were organized in two sessions: 10.28.2016 - B2B WorkShop and 10.29.2016 - B2C WorkShop. 

Denis Karasyov, president of PANGAEA IC and a leading expert on EB-5 program in Russia made a presentation of the US EB-5 Immigration Program; he spoke about the peculiarities and advantages of the program, answered questions of potential investors interested in obtaining a green card for themselves and their family members.

“This exhibition has confirmed our assessment of the real demand for immigration services and its relationship with the existing supply in the Russian market. Very conservative reaction of the Russian business, expressed in reduced activity on the first day of the event, on the one hand, and the influx of a large number of private visitors, endless questions, sold out seminars and presentations of immigration programs, waiting lists for individual consultations to immigration lawyers and experts, on the other hand, allow to say with confidence that this segment may be very interesting and promising direction of the development of the company. We are all aware that the current economic situation and foreign policy situation do not promote much the development of this type of services. However, time moves on, the policy is changing and the relationships develop and normalize. And people everywhere and always travel, relocate, build relationships including those in business. And so it was; and so it goes; and so it will be,” Denis Karasyov says.

Of particular interest was the presentation by Bradford Stedem, Managing Partner and President of EB 5 United Regional Center, who presented to the audience one of the investment projects of the EB-5 United Regional Center.

“Participation in the International Emigration Expo MIEE-2016 in Moscow at the invitation of PANGAEA IC was a very interesting and exciting event for me. The big surprise was a large number of visitors who are actively interested not only in the issues of immigration to the United States, but also in the EB-5 Investment Program. Following the results of the event, and most importantly, the presence of such interest in the EB-5 program on the part of Russian investors, allow to conclude that cooperation with PANGAEA IC will be very effective and beneficial both for us and for our partners. We have an extensive reference list and experience in the EB-5 program. Our results - as of today, 100% of our EB-5 investors have received approvals of their I-526 petitions - allow me to suggest that our project will be a very interesting offer for Russian investors," Bradford Stedem comments on his participation in the project.

In his turn, Robert Blanco, attorney on migration issues of Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP, made comments on his participation in the project and evaluated the prospects for cooperation with PANGAEA IC and the potential of the Russian investment market, as follows:

“The International Emigration Expo MIEE-2016 in Moscow was a fantastic event for me. A well-organized event with a large number of legal entities and individuals who are interested in immigration to the United States has left me a very good impression. It was a pleasure for me to seize the opportunity to present the EB-5 immigration program to investors and to discuss immigration options with so many potential clients. Thank you for your warm hospitality and for the opportunity to be a part of such a professional event. Obviously the potential of the Russian market for law firms dealing with issues of immigration to the US is very large. And surely I am pleased with the fact that Wolfsdorf Rosental LLC is among the first to start active work on the Russian market,” Robert Blanco shared his impressions.

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