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05/18/2017. Moscow

Of course, the cherished “Selected” after verifying the results of the Green Card Lottery on the official website is not yet a 100% guarantee of obtaining a residence permit in the US, but this is a very big step forward to achieving your dream! Now the main thing is not to relax and pass the remaining stages promptly and competently!

The first stage: filling out the online form DS-260.

To access the DS-260 form on website ceac.state.gov, you will need to enter your DV case number. Attention! WITHOUT zeros. For example, if the number is 2018EU0000012345, enter 2018EU12345, otherwise the system issues a validation error.

After filling the DS-260 YOU MUST print a confirmation page, you will have to bring it to an embassy interview!

In addition to the questions "who are you and where are you from?" the questionnaire should include information about parents, spouses and children, including former spouses and all children - biological, adoptive and adopted children of the spouse (s). Prepare the answers for such questions as:

In addition, you need to provide an address in the US, to which you will be sent the card of a permanent resident of the United States (Green Card).

In the next chapter, we will discuss in details the issues, related to preparing a package of documents for an interview at the US Embassy / Consulate and mention some of the nuances of successful completing this interview. But meantime...

Of course, you can absolutely independently pass this way on your own, starting from the checking of the status of your application, till the receiving a Green Card in the United States. However, if you are accustomed to trust complex matters to professionals, welcome to our company!

The cost of the package of services for the winners of the Green Card Lottery is $ 1000 for the main applicant and $ 450 for each member of the winner's family who will be immigrating to America together with him/her. If you are our client and were registered as a participant in the Green Card Lottery by means of our PIC-VISA service, you receive a 30% discount.


To prepare a package of documents for obtaining a B-1 / B-2 visa and to submit an electronic application (form DS-160) by means of the PIC-VISA visa service, you need to order the service for preparing a package of documents in any ways listed below:

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