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About us

Pangaea Investment Company presents various investment projects mostly in the United States of America in various fields: restaurant business, construction of hotels, commercial and residential real estate, production and energy areas. We also assist investors in obtaining a permanent residence permit (Green Card) and second citizenship by investing in various projects through US governmental program EB-5. The company operates in the CIS countries, United Arab Emirates, United States with headquarters located in Russia.

director Since the founding of Pangaea Investment Company, Denis Karasyov and his team have been holding the leading positions in the field of promotion of various investment projects among investors in CIS and Middle East countries for several years. We mainly work with private investors: we conduct profile exhibitions and conferences, arrange seminars for investors and hold various investment meetings and presentations.
We actively cooperate with project owners all over the world, providing the widest range of services to attract investors. For our long-term successful work experience, more than $ 380 million has been raised and the company's activity is only growing and expanding, giving customers more and more opportunities for investment.

Pangaea Investment Company implies an impeccable reputation and many years of experience that make us one of the most active and authoritative players in the sector of attracting private investments in various investment projects around the world. From the moment of foundation, we have been fulfilling our obligations to investors, presenting first-class projects that meet all economic requirements. Within the framework of our strategic partnerships, we offer investors a high level of knowledge, experience and reliability.


  1. No additional fees or hidden agency commissions. We offer our Clients an absolutely transparent pricing system.
  2. Direct legal support of clients. From the largest and leading law firms in different countries, that provide legal services in different spheres of life.
  3. Remote maintenance and on-line service. Solving of all organizational and legal issues on-line including primary preparation of documents without visiting the office. Direct consultations with the experts.
  4. Service and company clients support 24/7 Service with departure to a convenient place for the client.
  5. Successfull experience of experts work. In solving issues of customers around the world. 


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